Variations in rickshaw fare in Goa

India’s largest female domain investor could not learn driving in panaji, goa because the cruel criminal ntro, security agency employees freelancing for google, tata mercilessly tortured her when she was taking driving lessons, causing great pain, headache and memory loss, destroying her health. She is now forced to use the public transport system which is extremely expensive for rickshaws.
For a distance covered in 15-20 minutes, rickshaw drivers are charging Rs 250 to Rs 300, as there are no meters in goa, and often it is also very difficult to find a rickshaw driver who will take the passenger
The rickshaw drivers will charge whatever they wish, for example on 28 June 2017, one rickshaw driver quoted Rs 300, while the other was willing to go to the same destination for Rs 250 as there is no regulation.

R&AW employee Deepika look alike HR20 6961 car driver speaking on mobile phone while driving

It appears that no action is taken against rash drivers in goa despite the high accident rate. For example it is not advisable to speak on the mobile while driving a vehicle, however a look alike of R&AW employee indore domain fraudster bespectacled Deepika driving a white car with number plate, HR20 6961 was spotted speaking on mobile phone while driving at around 18.04 pm near the entrance of lake view colony on the st inez campal link road.
The rash car driver was extremely fair and alone in the car, and was driving the car at a very high speed
Usually most of the rash drivers are teenagers and in their early twenties, so it was rather surprising to spot an older woman overspeeding and speaking on the mobile.

High charges of hired/rental vehicles force people to purchase their own vehicles

In metro cities, there are many middle class people who do not purchase their own vehicle, they prefer to hire vehicles whenever they require. It is relatively easy to find a hired vehicle almost any time of the day or night in large metro cities . On the other hand, in small towns, the hired vehicles are very expensive and will charge a fixed amount , irrespective of the distance and cost to the vehicle owner, driver and the public transport system is not reliable.
Since in small towns the income and salaries are also lower compared to large cities, most people are preferring to purchase their own vehicle so that they do not waste most of the income on travelling expenses. The fuel costs are almost the same in large cities and small towns, however there is a very great difference in the cost of public transport, especially hired taxis and rickshaws

Inflated fares quoted by rickshaw drivers

It is not known whether the rickshaw drivers in goa are fleecing because government employees are demanding more money as bribes(allegedly incited by google, tata) from them or because they want to make more profit. The problem is particularly severe at Panaji bus stand, where the prices charged are increasing rapidly.
A year ago they were only charged Rs 100 from Panaji bus stand to Caculo Mall in St Inez.
6 months ago they started charging Rs 120 for the same route
In may 2017, they are now charging Rs 150 for the same route.

The fares for a reaching panaji bus stand from panaji city have mostly remained the same at Rs 80. In fact if a person is willing to walk a little, it is walking distance . When the bus fare is Rs 10-15 for the same route, why will a person pay so much to travel by rickshaw, especially if he or she does not have enough money . It would be interesting to know the exact reason why they are charging so much money
Why should a person tolerate being fleeced, especially by government employees who are already getting a very good salary?

Hired vehicle breakdown

One of the problems faced when a vehicle is hired is that the vehicle may breakdown anytime during the journey. This is a particularly severe problem when the passenger is in a great hurry and is running late. Dealing with the vehicle breakdown depends on the charges for the rented vehicle.
In some cases, the rented vehicle owner is being paid a fixed amount for the leasing the vehicle for the trip, which is agreed well in advance before starting the trip. In these cases, there is no major problem, except for a delay as the vehicle is getting repaired.
However in case the hired vehicle has a billing system, meter installed, like a taxi, rickshaw the breakdown can be a problem. Some taxi or rickshaw drivers, will ask the passenger to pay the existing fare, and take another vehicle, to prevent any delay.
However sometimes rickshaw drivers are not getting passengers, so they will try to retain their existing customer. They will make their customer wait, while they repair the vehicle. However the passenger should realize that the rickshaw meter will be running even if the vehicle is stopped and switched off due to waiting charges for the rickshaw.
For example if repairs are taking 10 minutes, though the passenger is waiting due to the fault of the rickshaw driver, the meter will increase by Rs 9-10 . So it is better to hire a new vehicle.

Luton airport parking

Many people residing in London and surrounding areas have to travel frequently by air for business work, and Luton international airport is one of the most largest airports in London . Instead of hiring an expensive cab to reach the airport for a business trip and for returning home after the business trip, a large number of business travelers are preferring to use Luton airport parking long stay so that they can use their own vehicle for reaching the airport, and returning to their home after the business trip is over.

Luton airport parking services are designed to save the time and money of the busy business traveler. The well trained staff at the parking service will ensure that the vehicle is parked quickly, and the traveler reaches the airport in the shortest possible time. They offer a complimentary transfer to the airport for travelers using black cabs and the luggage is also transferred to the airport, saving the traveler time, effort and money. Those who avail of the parking service are also given taxi vouchers which they can use for getting a free taxi transfer from Luton Airport to the parking lot while returning home after their business trip

Since Luton is the fifth busiest airport in UK, getting parking at the airport can be very stressful and expensive. So for Luton airport parking long stay, it is highly recommended that the parking services are used as they have the highest security levels to ensure that there is no damage to the car or vehicle and it remains safe. For budget travelers and those away for a long period of time, the offsite parking is offered to save money. The parking service is open all 24 hours of a day, 7 days a week for the convenience of the traveler. Discounts of up to 60% are offered on pre booking the parking service online. Special services are also offered for those who have limited time and a large amount of luggage.

Tampered rickshaw meters

Another major problem which is faced is that rickshaw meters in cities like Mumbai are often tampered
For example on a sunday, there is far less traffic on the route to the airport during the day, compared to a weekday like wednesday, so the rickshaw fare should be lower as the route taken was almost exactly the same.
However some rickshaw drivers have their meters rigged, so the passenger finds that the fare is usually higher or same while returning on a Sunday . The same rickshaw driver had earlier wanted to take a longer route so it is possible that the meters are slightly rigged to charge a higher fare.
There is nothing the passenger can do , only keep very careful records of the rickshaw fare being charged for comparison on the same route.

R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel look alike driving car speaking on mobile

Though the google, tata sponsored gujju R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel with straightened hair has nerver spent any money on domain names in her life (which can be easily proved checking the gujju fraudsters financial records) the shameless fraud CBI, NTRO, indian government employees who are infatuated with the shameless gujju flirt asmita patel , falsely claim that asmita patel, the notorious gujju domain fraudster from thane is a domain investor (owning this domain also) to waste indian tax payer money paying a monthly R&AW salary to the google, tata sponsored gujju conwoman .
CBI, which has become the corruption bureau of india promoting fraudsters and liars, has rewarded domain fraudsters asmita patel , sex workers sunaina, siddhi and their associates. At 5.43 pm on 25 April 2017, at St Inez, Panaji, near Fire Brigade a look alike of the pampered gujju domain fraudster asmita patel was spotted driving a car with number plate 1444 very rashly flouting all traffic rules. She was driving the car at a fairly high speed, with both her hands off the steering wheel, speaking on her mobile phone. She was wearing bright red lipstick, wearing a sleeveless light coloured outfit and her hair was tied in a pony tail
The asmita patel look alike could easily have stopped the car and spoken on the mobile phone, yet she was rash enough to brazen break all traffic rules. It clearly indicates that the traffic police are not very strict in dealing with rash drivers , those flouting traffic rules, even after so many accidents.

Like the pakistani army falsely accusing jadhav the extremely corrupt indian government cannot provide any evidence of black money against the real domain investor, google competitor despite wasting indian tax payer money for 7 years . On the other hand india’s greatest domain fraudster the google, tata sponsored gujju flirt asmita patel (who looks like times now anchor navika kumar) as never invested any money in domain name, yet like the famous spy mata hari, the gujju frauster asmita patel has seduced the most powerful fraud top officials in the indian internet sector who make claims so that the shameless gujju fraud asmita patel gets great powers and a monthly R&AW salary
Why is the indian government wanting indian citizens to pay taxes honestly when so much tax payer money is openly wasted on notorious frauds like gujju R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel, goan obc bhandari sex queen sunaina with fake resumes, fake investment, fake work

Rickshaw routes and fares

While in Goa it is not known whether rickshaw drivers are quoting more because the police and others are demanding more hafta from them, finding a honest rickshaw driver always remains a problem in India.
Even in Mumbai where meters are installed, some rickshaw drivers are honest, others only wish to increase their fare to the extent possible.
For example to reach Mumbai airport, rickshaw drivers will often suggest longer routes so that they can make more money. Some drivers will insist on reaching the airport from Mulund through Kalina, though they are aware that the fare will be Rs 300 or more. They claim that the passenger will reach quickly as there is less traffic. Travelling through MIDC, Saki Naka are far shorter routes, yet if the rickshaw driver thinks that the passenger does not know mumbai well , he is very likely to try to fleece the passenger, taking a longer route.

Mercedes Benz cars for rental

For decades mercedes-benz has remained the premier luxury car brand in the world and the demand for mercedes-benz is directly related to the world economy. During economic boom times, those who make a lot of money are likely to splurge their money on the high end luxury mercedes-benz cars which are a status symbol, an indication of their wealth. So there is likely to be an increase in demand and exports of mercedes-benz cars to countries like India with a booming economy as the rich purchase mercedes-benz cars which incorporate the latest technology , safety features to minimize damage during accidents and also design to make driving the car a comfortable and relaxing experience.

In addition to the rich, another major market for the luxury mercedes-benz are car rental operators who have some customers interested in hiring the luxury vehicle. For example customers residing in luxury hotels, celebrities and wealthy travelers will prefer to travel in a luxury mercedes-benz when on a holiday or on a business trip in another city. Hence the cars will be in demand in popular tourist locations also.