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Best motor vehicle rentals, BMV rentals

Some people are lucky to have friends and relatives who will have a vehicle to take them from one place to another, however most people have to rent a vehicle, especially when they are away from their home town. In India there is no uniformity in the vehicle rental rates and rates, profit margins for drivers can vary greatly from one state to another.

For example in goa, the rate charged for a car drop from the airport to Panaji, the capital, is Rs 870 during the day in July 2016
The distance from panaji to the airport by road is approximately 30 km ( varied from 29 km to 34 km depending on the source of information and location)
Older cars have a mileage of 15 km/liter
Newer models of cars have a mileage of upto 25 km/liter
So fuel charges for a drop from the airport to Panaji, Goa will be approximately Rs 100, less for newer vehicle models
If the driver owns the vehicle he is making a profit of Rs 770 per trip to panaji, excluding other charges.
There is less traffic in goa,and the driver can make the trip to panaji in less than 45 minutes.

On the other hand, a rickshaw driver or taxi driver in Mumbai will be making far less money, though the time taken to cover the distance will be similar .
The rickshaw drivers and taxi drivers in Mumbai are metered quite accurately and there is less chance of fleecing the customer.
A trip from the airport by rickshaw will cost Rs 195 or more depending on the traffic in Mumbai, and for a cab ride, cost could vary between Rs 400 to 500, depending on the cab provider who is hired with some cabs charging more.
So a rickshaw or taxi driver in Mumbai will make far less money in the same period of time,for a single trip, compared to a driver in Goa .
However in Mumbai it will be easier to get customers so drivers may make more money in a month

In goa, renting out scooters, motorcycles,cars, bicycles to visitors has become fairly lucrative especially in the peak tourist season. It has become a lucrative business for those who manage to get customers.
The media reported that bicycles are rented for Rs 100 a day in goa
Information on rental rates for other motor vehicles like scooters, motorcycles, cars, tempos, vans will be appreciated. Specially interested in finding a car driver from Panaji to the airport who will charge Rs 750 or less for the trip

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