R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel look alike driving car speaking on mobile

Though the google, tata sponsored gujju R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel with straightened hair has nerver spent any money on domain names in her life (which can be easily proved checking the gujju fraudsters financial records) the shameless fraud CBI, NTRO, indian government employees who are infatuated with the shameless gujju flirt asmita patel , falsely claim that asmita patel, the notorious gujju domain fraudster from thane is a domain investor (owning this domain also) to waste indian tax payer money paying a monthly R&AW salary to the google, tata sponsored gujju conwoman .
CBI, which has become the corruption bureau of india promoting fraudsters and liars, has rewarded domain fraudsters asmita patel , sex workers sunaina, siddhi and their associates. At 5.43 pm on 25 April 2017, at St Inez, Panaji, near Fire Brigade a look alike of the pampered gujju domain fraudster asmita patel was spotted driving a car with number plate 1444 very rashly flouting all traffic rules. She was driving the car at a fairly high speed, with both her hands off the steering wheel, speaking on her mobile phone. She was wearing bright red lipstick, wearing a sleeveless light coloured outfit and her hair was tied in a pony tail
The asmita patel look alike could easily have stopped the car and spoken on the mobile phone, yet she was rash enough to brazen break all traffic rules. It clearly indicates that the traffic police are not very strict in dealing with rash drivers , those flouting traffic rules, even after so many accidents.

Like the pakistani army falsely accusing jadhav the extremely corrupt indian government cannot provide any evidence of black money against the real domain investor, google competitor despite wasting indian tax payer money for 7 years . On the other hand india’s greatest domain fraudster the google, tata sponsored gujju flirt asmita patel (who looks like times now anchor navika kumar) as never invested any money in domain name, yet like the famous spy mata hari, the gujju frauster asmita patel has seduced the most powerful fraud top officials in the indian internet sector who make claims so that the shameless gujju fraud asmita patel gets great powers and a monthly R&AW salary
Why is the indian government wanting indian citizens to pay taxes honestly when so much tax payer money is openly wasted on notorious frauds like gujju R&AW employee domain fraudster asmita patel, goan obc bhandari sex queen sunaina with fake resumes, fake investment, fake work

Mercedes Benz cars for rental

For decades mercedes-benz has remained the premier luxury car brand in the world and the demand for mercedes-benz is directly related to the world economy. During economic boom times, those who make a lot of money are likely to splurge their money on the high end luxury mercedes-benz cars which are a status symbol, an indication of their wealth. So there is likely to be an increase in demand and exports of mercedes-benz cars to countries like India with a booming economy as the rich purchase mercedes-benz cars which incorporate the latest technology , safety features to minimize damage during accidents and also design to make driving the car a comfortable and relaxing experience.

In addition to the rich, another major market for the luxury mercedes-benz are car rental operators who have some customers interested in hiring the luxury vehicle. For example customers residing in luxury hotels, celebrities and wealthy travelers will prefer to travel in a luxury mercedes-benz when on a holiday or on a business trip in another city. Hence the cars will be in demand in popular tourist locations also.

Selling used rental cars

Most customers prefer to hire only well maintained rental cars, so car rental companies have to discard their older model cars, and purchase new cars periodically.
In some cases they may sell their car to low cost car buyers, in other cases they may be forced to sell to a car junk yard.
If the car is exposed to the external environment, especially during heavy rains, the car will get rusted and the value of the car will decrease further. So to get the best deal for the car from a junk yard, it is advisable to sell the used car at the earliest.

Indore MP purchases a Jaguar car costing half a crore rupees

The media reported that the Indore MP and speaker of the Lok sabha purchased a Jaguar car costing half a crore rupee, and the writer in the magazine commented that it was a very expensive car. Jaguar is owned by the tata group.
Because of the fraud masterminded some powerful cunning tata employees two lazy fraud bespectacled indore residents housewife veena and fair and lovely crook deepika got lucrative R&AW jobs, with great powers and monthly government salary for falsely claiming to be domain investors, owning the paypal account of a google competitor who is not connected to indore in any way at all .
It is indication of the high level dishonesty of top ntro, cbi, google, tata employees that they have managed to pull off such a great fraud for 7 years since 2010 without being detected or questioned . The original plan was that the indore fraud R&AW employees veena, deepika would get control of the domain names , however it is very difficult to make any kind of money online in 2017 , and these google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW employees are least interested in investing any time or money online, yet want their monthly R&AW salary for falsely claiming to be online experts, domain investors

Now the crooked tata officials who masterminded the entire fraud are being questioned, so they are asking their associates in indore to compensate them for the fraud. Both the fraud R&AW employees veena and deepika were mainly in indore between 2000-2010 , yet the master fraud tata, google, ntro, cbi employees pulled off one of the greatest frauds in India ,falsely claiming that these indore crooks owned the account of a person residing in mumbai, the google competitor to get the indore crooks R&AW jobs with monthly salary

So allegedly now powerful indore residents like the Indore MP are being asked to compensate tata group for getting mediocre lazy greedy fraud indore residents lucrative R&AW jobs which they did not deserve and trying to cover up the entire fraud, which is like the Vyapam fraud

Car becomes a murder weapon

The incompetent careless indian security agencies are falsely labelling a harmless google competitor as a security threat for more than 7 years without any proof at all, when she has no weapons at all, and cannot even drive a car. If they are really worried about the safety of citizens, they should put all vehicle owners under surveillance, especially those who drive rashly as a car can become a murder weapon.
The recent attack in London which resulted in the death of 5 people again highlighted the fact that a car can become a murder weapon in the hands of the wrong person . If the car driver is not interested in saving his life, it can become an extremely dangerous weapon as he can kill or main a large number of pedestrians and other vehicle drivers

So while hiring a car, it is also advisable to ensure that the driver is a reliable person so that no problems are faced at a later date.

Uber new rules for those hiring cars

In the last few years, Uber has become fairly popular in metro cities, because their charges are far lower than most other modes of transport. However in India there are a number of disputes because the operation is different from the conventional operation of taxi cabs and rickshaws. Some of rules which were published in the newspaper are as follows
– no asking personal questions
– no kissing or public display of affection while travelling
– no vomiting after consuming alchohol
– no excessive contact with passengers or driver

Travelling is one of the most popular methods of interacting and meeting new people, especially for those who do not have a social life , so not asking questions is definitely a major dampener for those hiring cars.

Renting vehicles to tourists

In goa, renting out scooters, motorcycles,cars, bicycles to visitors has become fairly lucrative especially in the peak tourist season as the public transport is not well developed and taxi rentals are very high. It has become a lucrative business for those who manage to get customers.
The media reported that bicycles are rented for Rs 100 a day in goa
Information on rental rates for other motor vehicles like scooters, motorcycles, cars, tempos, vans will be appreciated. Specially interested in finding a car driver from Panaji to the airport who will charge Rs 750 or less for the trip

Increasingly wealthy people, especially in India, are travelling to avoid radiation related damage.

Low vehicle rental rates in metro cities

On the other hand, a rickshaw driver or taxi driver in Mumbai will be making far less money, though the time taken to cover the distance will be similar .
The rickshaw drivers and taxi drivers in Mumbai are metered quite accurately and there is less chance of fleecing the customer.
A trip from the airport by rickshaw will cost Rs 195 or more depending on the traffic in Mumbai, and for a cab ride, cost could vary between Rs 400 to 500, depending on the cab provider who is hired with some cabs charging more.
So a rickshaw or taxi driver in Mumbai will make far less money in the same period of time,for a single trip, compared to a driver in Goa .
However in Mumbai it will be easier to get customers, as the population is more, has more money, so drivers may make more money in a month

Renting vehicles profitable for vehicle owners

Renting vehicles can be very profitable for vehicle owners

For example in goa, the rate charged for a car drop from the airport to Panaji, the capital, was Rs 870 during the day in July 2016
The distance from panaji to the airport by road is approximately 30 km ( varied from 29 km to 34 km depending on the source of information and location)
Older cars have a mileage of 15 km/liter
Newer models of cars have a mileage of upto 25 km/liter
So fuel charges for a drop from the airport to Panaji, Goa will be approximately Rs 100, less for newer vehicle models
If the driver owns the vehicle he is making a profit of Rs 770 per trip to panaji, excluding other charges.
There is less traffic in goa,and the driver can make the trip to panaji in less than 45 minutes.

Best Motor vehicle rentals in India

Some people are lucky to have friends and relatives who will have a vehicle to take them from one place to another, however most people have to rent a vehicle, especially when they are away from their home town. In India there is no uniformity in the vehicle rental rates and rates, profit margins for drivers can vary greatly from one state to another.
A look at the vehicle rental rates, process all over India, websites

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